Stainless Steel Static and Rotary Spray Balls

Static Spray Balls

Sray Ball
Stainless Steel Static Spray Balls available with tube clip connection and BSP female connections and with 360deg, 180deg up, down and side spray pattern.

Now available with a flat shoulder that now cleans more efficiently vertically, please refer to our ‘Type X’ Spray Balls in the details below.

Stainless Steel Static Spray Ball

Rotating Spray Balls

Rotary Spray Ball
Stainless Steel Rotating Spray Ball available with tube clip and BSP female and male connections.

Stainless Steel Rotary Rotating Spray Ball »
(economy type BSP Female only)

Stainless Steel Rotary Spray Balls »
(European produced, high quality and fully certified range Tube Clip & BSP, we normally keep Series 24 & 44 in stock)